Monday, 13 August 2012

Warehouse Receiving And Put-Away Process

Warehouse receiving and put-away refers to the processes that take place right from the receipt of the products in the warehouse to their final storage or usage. Effectively carrying out these processes plays an important role in maintaining the accuracy of the inventory. Not only does it improves control in the supply chain, but also helps in timely fulfillment of customer orders. The warehouse management system streamlines the process of inventory control, right from the point of warehouse receipt to the put-away, hence saving on both time and resources. Since such a system is web-based, it ensures accuracy in the process by matching orders with receipts.

To ensure the effective operation of this process, warehouse staff must be well-trained regarding the put-away process. They should be able to choose the right location for each product, as well as execute order-picking in time. The warehouse management system can be used to automatically allocate a location in the inventory for put-away, as well as update inventory records in real time each time a purchase is made. Along with this, it also makes it possible to view receipts in a single click by applying filters for customization.

Another essential feature in a warehouse management system is the provision to receive unanticipated orders. This is made possible either with the help of ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), or manually. Not only does this enable immediate updating of stock levels in case of blind receiving or damage processing, but it also helps in easily dropping orders when required. Some warehouse management systems make use of advanced product-identification technologies like case tags and wireless devices to collect important information during the receiving process.

It is the role of warehouse management to choose the best put-away route to save on travelling time. Features like fast shipping and cross-dock locations make the put-away process more efficient. While most warehouse management systems choose the most-suitable location for each product during the put-away process, by taking into account factors like velocity and best fit, there is usually provision for manually overriding the suggested location, as per the discretion of the warehouse staff. All through the process, fully automated material handling systems like customized conveyor systems and automated guided vehicle systems should be used. Both warehouse receiving and put-away significantly affect the warehouse efficiency, making them critical aspects of warehouse management.

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